ION-Sei’s superpowers lie in its patented technology. Whereas most electric toothbrushes only remove some of the plaque and bacteria (S. Mutans*), ionic technology actually suppresses the bacteria causing plaque too.

The ION-Sei electric toothbrush uses an Ultra Violet (UV) LED light that reacts with a Titanium Dioxide bar in the brush handle, to create ions that suppress the bacteria that cause plaque.

The negative electrons are sent to your mouth via water or saliva. Although ION-Sei uses advanced technology, it harnesses nature using “water and light”.

ION-Sei also works with your body’s natural electrical charge through a conductor on the handle, producing a weak charge that inhibits bacterial growth and helps to attract bacteria from teeth onto the brush.

The technology used to create these super powers are proprietary and patented. The TiO2 (titanium dioxide) semiconductor” and “UV LED” negative electron generation, are unique to ION-Sei.

Introduction of our technology


The Proof

How does ION-Sei work to reduce risk of caries

The process tooth decay or caries

Summary benefits

  • Design and thinking (Japanese technology, German designed).
  • Innovation in toothbrushes using innovative(unique) technology.
  • Creating a longer lasting and deeper clean, through ionic technology - reduces the bacteria sticking to teeth and therefore plaque build-up, gum disease and cavities.
  • Softer on the mouth, while still being very effective - 31, 000 sound wave technology strokes.
  • More natural cleaning option using water instead of toothpaste (if wanted).
  • Holistic health - cleaner mouth, healthier body, happier life - health benefits > Life enjoyment.

The key benefit

ION-Sei brush heads

GOOD to brush the GUM LINE

ION-Sei has a gentle action which is good to brush along the GUM LINE which has a high

risk of potential problems, such as gum disease.

ION-Sei specification

Waterproof | Handle IPX5 and charger stand IPX7.

Brushing Modes | Deep, standard, sensitive.

Size Weight | 96g (with brush) /93g (without brush).

Brush | 2 brush heads shipped with the product (soft and standard).

Recharge Base (100-240v) | The transparent removable stand cover, makes it both easy to place the handle for charging, but also cleaning.

The charging system is a USB, and it has 2 different plugs, you can charge in UK and EU.

Battery | Nickel-metal hydride battery was selected, not Lithium ion, as a safer option. We respect your safety.

Charging time | Approx. 10 hours operating time: Approx. 40 cleans (1 clean = 2 min).

Metal Allergy Free