1. Dental Experts OÜ will post the products after paying the invoice.

2. The contract of sale shall be deemed to have been concluded with the advance payment due according to the order confirmation receipt to the current account of Dental Experts OÜ.

3. After the entry into force of the sales contract (payment of the advance payment by the Buyer), Dental Experts  OÜ will complete order and hand it over to a logistics partner for delivery.

4. Orders that have been submitted and for which an advance payment has been received on the current account of Dental Experts OÜ on working days before 13.00 the Buyer will receive it on the next working days or according to the product card delivery time indicated.

4.1. In the islands, delivery may take up to 3 working days.

4.2. If the shipment is delayed for any reason,  Dental Experts OÜ customer support will agree with the Buyer on a suitable delivery time.

5. For immediate delivery, the Buyer must carefully check for delivery entered data.

6. Delivery of products in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) is free of charge, except for DPD delivery service.

6.1. From 50 €, delivery of products to Finland is free, except for the international max package, up to 20 kg.

7. Dental Experts OÜ's logistics partners in delivering orders are:

7.1. DPD Eesti AS;

7.2. AS Eesti Post (Omniva);

7.3. Itella Estonia OÜ;

7.4. Venipak Eesti OÜ.

8. The Buyer can get acquainted with the more detailed delivery methods and price list in the Dental Experts OÜ online store by logging in to a personal account or by clicking on the “Shopping Cart” icon on the website www.coolmint.ee.

9. When ordering goods outside the Baltic States, the Buyer must choose a suitable mode of transport.

10. Delivery time depends on the country of destination and the selected delivery method.

12. "Door to door" transport means that the Buyer arranges the receipt and delivery of the goods indoor delivery.

13. Couriers are not obliged to call in advance.

14. Products damaged during transport, but not product packaging, will be replaced by the Buyer.

15. Dental Experts OÜ is not responsible for delays in the delivery of products if the products are handed over to logistics partners on time, but the delay in delivery is due to circumstances which Dental Experts OÜ could not influence or foresee.